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What’s better? Spotify vs YouTube Music?

Online music streaming has become predominant, especially in the 21st century. There are numerous music streaming sites to choose from including Spotify and YouTube Music.

The majority of Spotify users prefer YouTube Music. As a musician or a basic online music streamer, deciding which platform to spend resources on might be difficult at times. This article on Pcstartup gives a clear distinction between Spotify and YouTube Music in terms of Music quality, music quality, subscriptions and content

Spotify vs YouTube Music

Music Quality

Music quality – Spotify uses 320 Kbps MP3 and YouTube music uses 256 Kbps AAC. You won’t notice the difference in everyday life. The AAC codec is far better than mp3, and those instrumentals are very clear, but Spotify will add a little additional bass that you won’t notice in your daily life.


Both music streaming services have a 12-dollar monthly plan, and in India, YouTube music costs Rs-99, while YouTube Premium costs Rs-130, and Spotify costs Rs-130. In the United States, Spotify has a Hulu package, while YouTube has YouTube Premium (ad-free YouTube and YouTube originals). Hulu’s lack of availability in any country might be a deal-breaker for customers in other nations.


YouTube music is a clear victor in terms of content. You can discover any song by searching by lyrics on YouTube Music, which also contains official music videos that you can switch from videos to official audio with a single press. While Spotify has less content than YouTube, it does have some excellent podcasts.


YouTube Music seems to be a better option, however, both Spotify and YouTube Music Premium are fantastic. When it comes to Spotify vs YouTube Music. It’s entirely up to you to decide which you prefer. YouTube Premium is a better offer than Spotify because you receive ad-free videos as well as YouTube original material, but Spotify has excellent podcasts. So, if you don’t care about ad-free videos, Spotify is the way to go.



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