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Unregistered SIM Cards in Ghana to be blocked after October 31

Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, Ghana’s Minister of Communications, announced in a public announcement that all SIM cards in Ghana that have not been fully registered will be disabled starting at the end of October 2022.

Unregistered SIM Cards in Ghana to be blocked after October 31.

All SIM cards that have completed Stage 1 of the Ghana Card linking process blocking those who have completed Stage 1 registration, but not Stage 2 registration from October’s final weekend.

The Minister made it clear that all data-only SIMs, including those supplied by institutions like ECG, Surfline, Busy Internet, and Telesol, have until the end of November to finish registration.

Selling Pre-Registered Sim Cards is an offense

In her statement, the Minister stated that vendors who sold pre-registered SIM cards will be arrested and jailed for up to 5 years. The National Communications Authority (NCA) will conduct mystery shopping and individuals and sellers caught would be arrested.

Sim Card Registration Limit

As captured on Technova, Individuals who have registered more tha 10 SIM cards will have their data “cleaned” from the registry system and blocked. The Minister stated that persons who have more than 10 SIM cards registered in their name should immediately delink their excess SIMs.

Sim Cards Registered

According to data from the Ministry of Communications, a total of 18,930,664 SIM Cards have been fully registered (Completed both Stages 1 and 2) – representing 44.28% of the total SIM cards issued.

28,959,006 SIM Cards have been linked to Ghana Cards (Stage 1 registration); representing 67.28% of the 42,749,662 total SIM cards issued nationally. 13,720,687 unique Counts of Ghana Cards have been used so far for the registration exercise



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