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Top 10 Strongest Characters of Naruto Shippuden and their Powers

Otsusuki is not included in the top 10 Strongest Characters of Naruto Shippuden because they aren’t shinobi.

In this list, each character will be on their strongest form and whoever is on top can beat whoever is on the bottom one on one. The abilities or forms they had are when they can stack them on each other. So for example Naruto’s strongest form was when he had six paths sage mode and KCM 2 etc. Naruto’s Sage mode will not be mentioned.

1. Madara Uchiha

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This should be pretty obvious so let me just go through what he had during this form

  • Ten Tails Jinchuuriki
  • Six Paths Sage Mode
  • God Tree Absorbed
  • 2 Rinnegans
  • RinneSharingan
  • Hashirama cells + HashiramaSageChakra

2) Naruto Uzumaki

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He and Sasuke are the only ones that come near that formed of Madara as discussed earlier. Although they could win TGT, 1v1 they lose horribly. Also, it should be obvious that Naruto is stronger than Sasuke by this point. So this is what he had

  • KCM 2
  • Six Paths Sage Mode + Six Paths Chakra
  • A bit of all Bijuu Chakra

3) Sasuke Uchiha

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Sasuke is easily top 3 Ninjas of all time but he lags behind Naruto as we’ve seen countless times that since the beginning of the war arc Naruto is stronger than him. His powers include

  • Rinnegan ( 6 tomoe )
  • EMS
  • All Bijuu chakra when he caught them

Keep in mind this is their strongest form so Bijuu he sealed with Chibaku Tensei is added.

4) Kakashi Hatake

main qimg 60a62f59791d4537702298fd3888ffc5 lq

DMS Kakashi or Juubito. DMS Kakashi is on number 4 since Obito was never shown to be able to use Kamui in his Juubi state. DMS Kakashi was able to do a significant about of damage to Kaguya which is an impressive feat on its own and him being able to get a perfect Susanoo on his first try really shows how talented of a shinobi Kakashi is. During that form his powers include;

  • 2 Mangekyo Sharingan
  • Kamui with literally every justu ( shuriken, raikiri etc.. )
  • Remainding Six Paths Chakra Obito had which was enough to give kakashi a fucking perfect Susano’o

5) Obito Uchiha

main qimg 3045c647f89268bc1f214c58a8474392 lq

At this point, 5 out of the top 10 strongest characters of Naruto Shippuden are Uchihas. Obito in this form was enough to fight on KCM Minato, Tobirama, Naruto, Sasuke, Hashirama and many more without leaving a scratch on his body. Except when Naruto’s sage Rasengan hit him. Keep in mind that all Juubi Jinchuuriki can not be damaged unless it is with sage mode or you have an insanely high amount of power-like guy. Although he never used a Rinnegan or ms ability during this form he was easily soloing the Kage and the shinobi alliance. Just imagine if he did use the Rinnegan and Sharingan (especially Kamui). He would easily be above DMS Kakashi. You won’t be able to hit him because of his truth-seeking orbs and even if you did, you can’t touch him because of Kamui.

  • Juubi Jinchuuriki
  • Rinnegan
  • Mangekyo Sharingan
  • A bit of Hashirama cells from his white zetsu body

6) Might Guy

main qimg 54c2ba89b92d2291546f892bc247b0ea lq

Yes its the 8th Gate Guy. Even though it only lasted him for a few minutes, during that small amount of time very few would be able to go toe to toe against him. 8th Gate Guy is easily the strongest non sixpaths powered character in the entire franchise. If you look at my list above everyone had six paths enhancements.

  • 8th Gate of Death (This alone made him one of the strongest characters )

7) Hashirama Senju

main qimg e6f0baa54d4d246bf10ca6011822b18c lq

He was literally the strongest shinobi until the end of the series where the power levels rose to the sky. Even then he is able to fight some of the most powerful characters in the series. Even Edo Madara with 2 Rinnegan can’t completely overpower him. It was only when Madara was revived and got the Tentails that he was able to go beyond Hashirama’s power.

  • Sage Mode ( Its different from other sage modes we’ve seen so far but he’s easily the strongest sage mode users in the entire series not including six paths sage mode )
  • Wood Release
  • Hashirama Cells

8) Minato Namikaze

main qimg b62bc6e55164511f0fda52c92c2e1dae lq

He is one of those few characters who doesn’t need an explanation as to why he is strong. Still, he is below Sage Hashirama because he simply does not seem to have anything that could hurt Hashirama. A tail beast bomb would normally hurt people but Hashirama was the guy that tamed 8 out of the 9 so it won’t matter to him. Regardless of that his speed is now unmatched. KCM 1 Naruto was able to dodge The 4th Raikage, but Minato has KcM 2 and on top of that FTG and sage mode which makes him insanely fast. This was his powers during his peak. Just like Hashirama, he was edo though.

  • KCM 2
  • Flying Thunder God
  • Sage Mode

9) Nagato Uzumaki

main qimg ae22e1689470e57c16a6f22354ee8e03 lq

The last 2 spots are where it gets hard to choose. A lot of people would want to put Itachi in this list. It took the combine forces of Bee, Edo Itachi (his strongest form) and KCM 1 Naruto to beat him. He has Shinra Tensei which no other Rinnegan user was shown using, meaning, it is unique to him. Nagato is also leagues above his Pain form. The Pains were fragile. A sage naruto could easily knock one out with a Rasengan (it does have sage chakra though). Nagato however easily overpowered a KCM Naruto.

  • 2 Rinnegans

10) Tobirama

main qimg ada491ae872df97a8a7195d367c85d5b lq

You could argue that he is stronger than Nagato but Nagato would beat him. Other than his Water Jutsu which Nagato can absorb. There are no hard-hitting moves. His paper bombs require time to put but since he has FTG he should be able to make it quick. However, that doesn’t stop Nagato from using Shinra Tensei to blow away all the Paper Bombs. He is strong and would beat any other character except everyone on this list

  • Flying Thunder God
  • Water Release


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