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Top 10 Best Torrent sites in 2022

Finding the best torrent sites on Google is more dangerous than you might think. A Google search usually hides torrent websites and displays fake ones with deceptive links and irritating ads. There are still some great sites out there, but finding them will take you ages.

However, while torrenting itself is not illegal, downloading copyrighted content is considered pirating and may get you in trouble. Always check your local laws to see if you are allowed to use torrents. If so, be sure to “Use a VPN to protect Yourself” online since these sites can put your online safety at risk.

The Best Torrent Sites in 2022

The Pirate Bay: Best Overall Torrent Site

Best Torrent sites
  • Mirror sites/alternate URLs:,,,,,,,,,,
  • Banned locations: United Kingdom, Spain, Singapore, Argentina, Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, Austria, Norway, Finland, Sweden, China, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, India, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Kuwait, Russia, Sri Lanka, Germany, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Belgium
  • Instant download support: Yes

Usually abbreviated as TPB, The Pirate Bay is a popular peer-to-peer site offering millions of files, commonly referred to as torrents, that can be downloaded for free using the BitTorrent protocol.

The site is easy to use thanks to its well-organized categories, including Movies, TV shows, Music, Applications, Games, Porn, Audio, among others. So, you don’t have to waste time going through thousands of files trying to find the right file; you go straight to the relevant category. It’s also free to create an account on the site. You just need to have a valid email address. The importance of having an account on Piratebay is that you can comment on other users’ files and upload your files.

NOTE: The Pirate Bay is blocked in many countries (even mirror sites), so you might need a VPN to change your virtual location and unblock the Pirate Bay.

RABG: Verifies All Torrents to Ensure High Quality

Best Torrent sites
  • Mirror sites/alternate URLs:,,,,,,,,,
  • Banned locations: The UK, Bulgaria, Portugal, Denmark, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Ireland
  • Instant download support: Yes

RARBG is known for its high-quality torrents, thanks to its group of moderators and active community. The site checks every downloaded torrent to effectively eliminate any bad guys. But that also means that its library is smaller than other sites, even though it is regularly updated.

The site also displays the top ten rankings for each category, and users can add reviews to torrents as well, so you know the files are legitimate. It also allows you to use the site as a guest or as a registered member, making it a hybrid of a private and public torrent site.

If none of the mirrors work, don’t try to find another one on your own unless you take some safety precautions. There are a lot of phishing scams going around with RARBG-looking sites, so make sure you learn about secure browsing.

1337x: HugeTorrent Site for Movies, Television Series, and Music

  • Mirror sites/alternate URLs:,,,,,
  • Banned locations: Australia, the UK, Austria, and Ireland
  • Instant download support: Yes

1337x is a well-known torrent site with over 53 million monthly visitors and a wide selection of high-quality torrents. Most of its torrents are movies, TV shows, and music, although it also offers several games. It’s been around for a long time and its community is very active, which means its torrents are updated regularly every few hours.

1337x has very few ads and it shows some dedication to protecting your privacy — it only makes money through Bitcoin donations, for example. A VPN will add another layer of security by hiding your IP address and encrypting your traffic, so your online movements remain anonymous

YTS: Best Torrent Site for High-Quality Movies

screenshot 2022.01.13 11 27 14
  • Mirror sites/alternate URLs:,,,,,,,
  • Banned locations: Ireland
  • Instant download support: Yes

YTS (sometimes known as YIFY) is arguably the best torrent website for high-quality movies, with over 75 million users worldwide. The site contains nearly 30,000 titles, many of which are captioned and available in 1080p. Its files are small and don’t compromise on quality, so it’s great for all bandwidth levels.

Since YTS specializes in movies, it lacks other types of content, so you’ll need to go elsewhere for music, games, or software. It is also required to use a VPN since your ISP can see that you’re torrenting and may throttle your connection and get fined by legal action. In this case, the best VPN required is the IPVanish VPN.

Torrentz: Optimized Torrent Search Engine With a Focus on Music

screenshot 2022.01.13 18 37 50
  • Mirror sites/alternate URLs:,,,,,,, Torrentzwealmisr.onion
  • Banned locations: None
  • Instant download support: No

Torrentz is a torrent search engine that uses your search query to index torrents from over 90 torrent download sites. From your search results, you can go to one of the sites to download your torrent by clicking on the magnet link. If your favorite torrent site doesn’t have the file you’re looking for, then Torrentz2 is a great alternative.

Torrentz2 used to have a lot of pop-ups with fake and misleading links but it has been fixed earlier with its recent update but your torrenting activity can still be exposed to prying eyes. Using a VPN will enhance your safety by encrypting and rerouting your traffic through a different IP address.

Five More torrent sites you can trust | VPN

Below are 5 more torrent sites you can trust and with VPN for accessing the sites safely:

EZTV: Great Torrent Site for TV Shows

screenshot 2022.01.13 19 13 15
  • Mirror sites/Alternate URLs:,,,,,,,,,,
  • Banned locations: The UK, Ireland, and Australia
  • Instant download support: Yes

If you want high-definition episodes of your favorite shows, EZTV is the place to go. It doesn’t have a huge library compared to giants like RARBG, but it’s all about TV shows and this is the place to find all the new HD releases.

EZTV has a handy drop-down search box that gives explicit results, However, its interface is pretty old and unappealing, and a large number of ads are present.

Also you cant download full seasons, you need to download episodes separately, which is very time-consuming. With Express VPN you can download at top speeds without any effect.

Limetorrents: Superb Torrent Site With Tons of Variety

screenshot 2022.01.13 19 51 20
  • Mirror sites/alternate URLs:,,,,,,,
  • Banned locations: France, Australia, and the UK
  • Instant download support: Yes

Limetorrents has a huge torrent library with over 10 million torrents across all types of media and attracts over 20 million users every month. Searches on the site always yield a lot of results, so you won’t be disappointed. Its library is even bigger than The Pirate The Bay library, which is pretty impressive.

But having millions of torrents has its drawbacks, as quite a lot of them are fake. Also, irritating ads are pretty common on the site. I suggest using a reliable adblocker. Using a VPN that comes with a built-in ad and malware blocker (Surfshark) will be effective.

Zooqle: A Heavenly Torrent Site for Gamers

screenshot 2022.01.13 20 04 56
  • Mirror sites/alternate URLs:,,,,,
  • Banned locations: None
  • Instant download support: Yes

Zooqle is a new and popular torrent website. It has a large library particularly suitable for games, movies, software, TV shows, and e-books. To diversify its torrent library, it uses links from other torrent sites like Torrenthound and Katcr.

Keep in mind that because games are relatively new media, most of them are copyrighted and therefore illegal to download. We do not tolerate illegal torrents, so be sure to check the rules and regulations in your country.

With a bit over 5 million visitors a month, an active community, and a download speed of about 1 to 2 MB/s second, you could take advantage by downloading at lightning speed using Nord VPN.

Torlock: Good Site for Safe Torrent Downloads

screenshot 2022.01.13 20 47 17
  • Mirror sites/alternate URLs:,
  • Banned locations: The UK, India, and Australia
  • Instant download support: Yes

If you are concerned about unsafe torrent downloads, consider using Torlock. The site pays its users $ 1 for each fake torrent reported, which shows its commitment to your safety. It’s also one of the few torrent sites that still use the domain name, which means it’s well established. Notably, it has a lot of music, e-books, and animated series in its library.

The site also displays all the file specifications for each torrent, including the file size, upload date, seeders, and health. When you search for a torrent, the site will also display torrents containing all of your search terms.

Torlock allows you to download full seasons and episodes so if you are concerned about downloading at high speeds the best VPN to look forward to is Proton VPN.

IPTorrents: Private Torrent Site That’s Safe

  • Mirror sites/alternate URLs:,,,
  • Banned locations: Not available
  • Instant download support: Yes

IPTorrents is a private torrent download site with over 7 million monthly visits. This means you can only use it if you are invited and make a donation. But once you’re there, you’ll have access to a large library and an active community – no pop-up ads. It is also safer as it is much harder for people to spread spyware or malware as not everyone can use it.

Another advantage of IPTorrents is that its download speeds tend to be faster because members have to meet seeding quotas. The only downside is that you will have to shell out a donation of $ 20 to enter, which is pretty steep. Without this donation, you will not be accepted.



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