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Shazam: Free Music Discovery

Shazam is an application that employs the device’s microphone and a brief sample to identify songs, videos, commercials, and television shows. It was developed by London-based Shazam Entertainment, and Apple Inc. has owned it since that year.

About Shazam

Shazam will identify any song in seconds. Discover, artists, lyrics, videos & playlists, all for free. Over 1 billion installs and counting.


What is shazam music recognition?

Shazam can recognize songs and TV programmes by playing a brief excerpt of their audio. Simply hit the Shazam button within the app or use Siri on an Apple device to start Shazam. When a song or TV show is recognized, Shazam presents further details and sharing possibilities.

Can alexa shazam music?

Yes, the Shazam app has a capability like that built right there. It is known as Auto-Shazam. It is effective at picking up background music.

How to shazam on apple music?

Swipe up to My Music from the main Shazam screen on an iPhone or iPad, hit the Settings button, and then enable “Sync Shazams to Apple Music.” Without leaving the Shazam app, you may easily add a Shazam to another Apple Music playlist. Simply choose the Shazam, press “Add To,” and then select the playlist.

Can I link shazam to amazon music?

The mobile music discovery service Shazam, which gained popularity on the iPhone, announced the release of its app for the Android operating system on Tuesday. Android users will have the option to “find” a song, purchase it through Amazon’s MP3 shop, or interact with the artist through MySpace.


It’s interesting to note that Apple bought Shazam, so we may anticipate better integration of Shazam within the Music app and quicker song identification answers from Siri in the future.



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