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Rank Math Releases First-Ever Content AI To Rank Higher


Rank Math has shared its latest release of Content AI to help content rank higher.

On November 8, 2021, Rank Math released the first-ever Content AI feature for their SEO plugin.

To use this feature, Rank Math SEO users would have to update to the latest version of Rank Math SEO.

Chief Marketing Officer at Rank Math, Bhanu Ahluwalia shared;

“Content AI is an exclusive, innovative, and ground-breaking feature introduced by Rank Math for WordPress. It works so well, you will never want to go back to writing the traditional way.”

Below are instructions on how to use the Rank Math SEO plugin and the new Content AI feature as well as some features and functions.

How to install Rank math SEO plugin and use Content AI

1. Download the plugin files.

2. Upload and activate the plugin on your website.

3. Open the plugin dashboard.

4. Navigate to the content AI feature and activate the feature.

Features and functions of the new Content AI feature in Rank Math

1. New Keyword Feature – Shows what keywords or phrases to use inside your content.

2. Keywords – The new Content AI feature tells how many words to aim for to rank higher.

3. Headings – Shows many headings to use and what to write in those headings.

4. Links – Number of links to use and the exact links you should use.

5. Media – What media to use (pictures or video) and how many.

6. SEO Meta – The keywords you can use in your SEO Meta.

7. FAQs – FAQs you can answer with your content (with FAQ Schema that Google loves for featured snippets).

8. SEO scores – How your content scores out of 100 (different from the SEO Score).

9. Countries – Supports 80+ countries already.

Also, learn more about Artificial Intelligence via “Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.




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