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KFC Ghana Location and Contacts [KFC Menu and Prices List]

KFC is an American fast-food restaurant brand specializing in fried chicken with headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky with a special KFC Menu. After McDonald’s, it is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain, with 22,621 outlets in 150 countries as of December 2019.

About KFC

The KFC Corporation, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the few American companies with a lengthy history of success and innovation. It all started with a list of secret herbs and spices scrawled up on the back of his kitchen door by a cook who invented a soon-to-be world-famous recipe more than 70 years ago. Colonel Harland Sanders, of course, was that chef, and today, KFC is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain, specializing in the same Original Recipe®, as well as Extra CrispyTM chicken, home-style sides, and buttermilk biscuits. We have more than 23,000 KFC restaurants in over 140 countries and territories across the world. What’s more, you know what? Every single one of them still has a cook in a kitchen, freshly creating excellent, comprehensive family meals at reasonable pricing.

KFC Menu and Prices List

The KFC Menu for Ghana braches is mainly divided into 3 categories: Just for me, Family Sharing and the Box Menu. Check the KFC Ghana Menu and prices list in the table below.

Just For Me
Serving Description Price
Streetwise 1 with Chips 1 piece of Chicken OR or Hot & crispy and a regular chips   GH¢15.00  
Streetwise 2 with Chips   2 pieces of Chicken OR or Hot & crispy and a regular chips   GH¢20.00  
Streetwise 2 with Rice   2 Pieces of Chicken OR or Hot & Crispy and Fried Rice   GH¢22.00  
Streetwise 3 with Chips   3 pieces of Chicken OR or Hot & crispy and a regular chips   GH¢26.00  
Streetwise 3 with Rice   3 Pieces of Chicken OR or Hot & Crispy and Fried Rice   GH¢28.00  
Serving Description Price
Burger Meal   Sauces – Zinger or Colonel   GH¢35.00  
Zinger Burger   A spicy Zinger fillet topped with fresh lettuce, a slice of tomato & Colonel dressing on a burger bun   GH¢24.00  
Colonel Burger   An Original Recipe fillet topped with fresh lettuce, a slice of tomato & Colonel dressing on a burger bun   GH¢24.00  
Tower Burger   Tower Burger   GH¢28.00  
Serving Description Price
Box Master Meal   Sauces – Zinger or Colonel   GH¢40.00  
Twister Meal   Sauces – Zinger or Colonel   GH¢35.00  
BoxMaster   Colonel/Zinger Sauces   GH¢30.00  
Twister   Colonel/Zinger Sauces   GH¢24.00
Serving Description Price
Chicken Pops   Chicken Pops   GH¢18.00  
Mini Loaf   Mini Loaf   GH¢4.00  
Cheese   Cheese   GH¢4.00  
Small Chicken Bites   Small Chicken Bites   GH¢15.00  
Hash Brown   Hash Brown   GH¢5.00  
1 piece Chicken   1 piece Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy   GH¢9.00  
2 piece Chicken   2 piece Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy   GH¢17.00  
6 Lime Chilli Wings   6 Pieces of Lime Chilli Wings   GH¢25.00  
12 Lime Chilli Wings   12 Pieces of Lime Chilli Wings   GH¢46.00  
6 Crispy Strips   6 Crispy Strips   GH¢29.00  
3 Crispy Strips   3 Crispy Strips   GH¢16.00  
Regular Chicken Bites   Chicken Bites   GH¢19.00  
Large Chips   Large Chips   GH¢10.00  
Regular Chips   Regular Chips   GH¢8.00  
Fried Rice   350 Gram   GH¢11.00  
Coleslaw   Coleslaw   GH¢5.00  
Shito   Shito GH¢2.00  
Serving Description Price
Coke 500ML   Coca Cola 500ml   GH¢8.00  
Fanta 500ML   Fanta Orange 500ml   GH¢8.00  
Sprite 500ML   Sprite 500ml   GH¢8.00  
Water 500ML   Water 500ML   GH¢3.00  
Coke Light 500ML   Coca Cola Light 500ml   GH¢8.00  
Coke 300ML   Coca Cola 300ml   GH¢5.00  
Fanta 300ML   Fanta Orange 300ml   GH¢5.00  
Sprite 300ML   Sprite 300ML   GH¢5.00    
Coke Light 300ML   Coke Light 300ML   GH¢5.00  
Serving Description Price
Chocolate Milkshake   Chocolate Flavour   GH¢15.00  
Strawberry Milkshake   Strawberry Flavour   GH¢15.00  
Regular Coconut & Banana Krusher   Regular Coconut & Banana Krusher   GH¢12.00  
Regular Mango & Passion Krusher   Regular Mango & Passion Krusher   GH¢12.00  
Mini Coconut & Banana Krusher   Mini Coconut & Banana Krusher   GH¢9.00  
Mini Mango & Passion Krusher   Mini Mango & Passion Krusher   GH¢9.00  
Mini Oreo Krusher   Mini Oreo Krusher   GH¢9.00  
Mini BlueBerry Krusher   Mini BlueBerry Krusher   GH¢9.00  
Regular Oreo Krusher   Regular Oreo Krusher   GH¢12.00  
Regular BlueBerry Krusher   Regular BlueBerry Krusher   GH¢12.00  
Sundae Plain   Vanilla / Chocolate Sundae   GH¢9.00  
Soft Twirl   Soft Twirl   GH¢5.00  
Family Sharing
Servings Description Price
Streetwise 10   10 Chicken Pieces and 2 Large Chips   GH¢85.00  
Streetwise 5   5 Pieces of Chicken and Large Chips   GH¢44.00  
Family Treat   6 Chicken Pieces + 2pc Regular Chips, (4 Pieces of Hot Wings / 4 Pieces of Crispy Strips ), 2 Pieces Coleslaw, 2 Pieces 350Gram Fried Rice, 2x 500 ML Drink   GH¢110.00  
Servings Description Price
Duos Bucket   4 Pieces of Chicken, 4 Crispy Strips and Large Chips   GH¢50.00  
Variety Bucket   5 Pieces of Chicken, 10 Hot Wings and 10 Crispy Strips   GH¢110.00  
9 piece Bucket   9 pieces of Original Chicken or Hot & Crispy   GH¢75.00  
12 piece Bucket   12 pieces of Original Chicken or Hot & Crispy   GH¢99.00  
15 piece Bucket   15 pieces of Original Chicken or Hot & Crispy   GH¢115.00  
18 piece Bucket   18 pieces of Original Chicken or Hot & Crispy   GH¢135.00  
Box Meal
Servings Description Price
Wicked Zinger Meal   4 Pieces of Hot Wings, 1 Piece Buns, Zinger Dressing, Mini Fillet, Regular Chips, Coleslaw and 500ML Drink   GH¢55.00  
Fully Loaded Meal   1 Piece Buns + (Zinger / Colonel Dressing), 1 Piece Fillet, Regular Chips + 1 Chicken Piece, Coleslaw and 500ML Drink   GH¢48.00  


Who is the founder of KFC

KFC was founded by Colonel Sanders and Pete Harman.

What is the full meaning of KFC?

KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken in full.

How many KFC Branches are in Ghana?

KFC Ghana has 21 branches in Ghana.

KFC Location and Contacts

Below are the locations and contacts of all the 21 branches of KFC Ghana.


KFC Kwashieman
Inside Infin Service Station, Kwashieman Junction
030 298 0013 / 0308251000

F739/2 Oxford St, Accra
030 296 3086/ 030 825 1000

KFC Melcom
Melcolm Plus Mall, Otublohum Rd, Accra
030 294 5547/ 030 825 1000

KFC Sakumono
Comunity junction 18, Spintex Rd, Accra
024 575 0586/ 030 825 1000

KFC Marina Mall
2nd floor, Airport Bypasss Road Marina Mall Shopping centre, Accra
030 295 4198/ 030 825 1000

KFC Dansoman
Asoredanho Mataheko JN, Dansoman Rd, Accra
030 393 4323/ 030 825 1000

KFC East Legon
47 Lagos Ave, Accra
020 172 5363/ 030 825 1000

KFC Junction Mall
Junction Mall, Nungua Main Road, Accra
030 396 5027/ 030 825 1000

KFC Achimota Mall
Achimota mall, Nsawam Road, Accra
030 396 7975/ 030 825 1000

KFC Haatso
Haatso, Agbogba Junction
030 290 3598/ 030 825 1000

KFC Adenta Shell
Lame Dwaahe St, Adenta Municipality
030 290 6093/ 030 825 1000

KFC Weija
West Hills Mall
030 293 6749/ 030 825 1000

KFC Circle
10 New Town Ln, Accra
030 296 0813/ 030 825 1000

KFC Accra Mall
Accra Mall, Second Food Research Rd, Accra
030 294 0290/ 030 825 1000

KFC Ashaiman
Adjacent CBG, Ashaiman Traffic Light
030 825 1000/ 030 394 4761


KFC Tema Shell
Tema, Shell Service Station, Community 11
030 298 7202/ 030 825 1000


KFC Asokwa
133 Lake Rd, Kumasi
032 239 7788/ 030 825 1000

KFC Bekwai Kumasi
Bekwai Roundabout, Kumasi
036 219 3743/ 030 825 1000


KFC Tamale
Salaga Rd, Tamale
050 435 8881/ 030 825 1000


KFC Takoradi
Obetsebi Lamptey Rd, Takoradi
031 229 2276/ 030 825 1000


KFC Sunyani
Sunyani – Berekum Rd, Sunyani
020 243 9368/ 030 825 1000

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