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Easy Guide: How to replace missing Ghana Card (Ghana Card Replacement)

Do you want to replace your missing Ghana Card? This is an easy guide that shows how you can replace a missing Gard Card.

Since the government intends to formally make the Ghana Card our principal identity card led by National Identification Authority (NIA), it can be challenging for you to live in Ghana if you are unable to confirm your identity in the future.

Below are some are the steps involved in the Ghana Card Replacement process.

Ghana Card Replacement: How to replace your missing Ghana Card

Here is an easy guide on “How to replace missing Ghana Card”;

1. Make a complaint to your local police station to obtain a police report.

You should give the exact details of how you lost your card.

2. Visit your regional headquarters to get your ID Number and other necessary info.

If you have a scan of your Ghana Card, you may skip this step however some people might not have claimed their first card yet hence they go for a replacement. This step will help locate your card.

3. Pay GH¢30 for Ghana Card replacement at CALBank.

You may pay for this in person at the bank of dial the short code *771* and selecting option 3 to pay for the Ghana Card replacement.

4. Visit your district NIA office and submit the police report and Ghana Card info.

This might be a long process however your detail will be taken pending approval

5. Wait till validation is complete.

Once step 4 is done all you have to do is to wait


What is Ghana Card Replacement

It is simply replacement of a missing Ghana Card.

When will I get my Ghana Card?

After 15 days, the card must be picked up in person, where the bearer must present their fingerprints as identification.

How many days will it take to approve my Ghana Card Replacement?

There is no definite time. Ghana Card Replacement approval time varies depending on the number of requests. However, if it takes more than 15 days, visit your district office to check.


The steps above can be used to get another Ghana Card to replace the old one. It’s important to always carry your Ghana card. As a result, if your card goes missing, it shouldn’t take more than a month for you to get it back because it’s a crucial document proving your Ghanaian citizenship.

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