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How to Connect iPhone, Android to KNUST WiFi

If you are reading this guide then you are having difficulties on how to connect iPhone to KNUST WiFi device or Android device. Don’t worry this complete guide will help solve your problem.

How to connect iPhone to KNUST WiFi

To connect iPhone to KNUST WiFi, you need to;

1. Download the KNUST Wifi configuration file.

You can download it here: [Download Link]

2. Go to Settings.

3. Go to General > VPN & Device Management > Click and Install the profile under Configuration Profile.

4. Go back to Settings and navigate to KNUST WiFi.

5. Click on the KNUST WiFI.

6. Input correct credentials then tap the connect button.

You will receive a pop-up notification to indicate that you have successfully connected to KNUST WiFi.

How to connect Android to KNUST WiFi

How do I connect my Android device to the wireless internet? Here’s how.

1: On your Android smartphone, go to Settings and select WIFI or WIFI Connection.

2: Configure your device for use by clicking on the KNUST WIFI.

3: Choose from a variety of advanced choices. You should be able to view the configuration choices, such as the EAP method and so on.

4: Select TTLS as the EAP method, and PAP as the Phase 2 authentication method. 

5: Now, in the spaces provided under identification and password, type your login and password. Note that you can add your first name or leave it blank to maintain your anonymity.

6: Confirm that the credentials have been entered correctly and connect. You should be able to connect to your device.

NB: The setup settings under advanced options may be missing on some Android phones. Refer to the school’s UITS for more help.

As part of the school’s academic costs, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology provides students with free internet access for the duration of their studies.

Check how to access free internet on campus (KNUST).



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