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How to Avoid IP Spoofing in 2022

Most IP methods on how to avoid IP spoofing must be developed and implemented by IT professionals who are familiar with computer spoofing. Options for preventing IP spoofing include monitoring systems for unusual behavior, implementing packet filtering to spot anomalies (like active packets with source IP addresses that don’t match those on the organization’s network), implementing strong verification techniques (in fact among organized computers), verifying all IP addresses, and using an attack blocker.

Now before we look at some simple methods on how to avoid IP spoofing, let us understand what IP Spoofing is.

What is IP Spoofing?

IP spoofing is a technique for forcibly accessing computers in which a hacker uses IP packet manipulation to falsely represent another computer. In order to do IP spoofing, the packet header must be altered to include a forged (spoofed) source IP address, a checksum, and the order value.

Since the Internet is a packet-switched network, the order in which packets leave one system and arrive at the target machine may vary. Based on the order value encoded in the IP header, the receiving device resembles the message. IP spoofing essentially entails solving the method used to choose the values provided in the right sequence and to alter them.

How to Avoid IP Spoofing

Most of the strategies used to avoid IP spoofing must be developed and deployed by IT specialists. See options to protect against IP spoofing below.

Here are some IP spoofing preventions;

1. Monitoring networks for a typical activity

User activity can be tracked by using tools that monitor network activity, DNS requests, local user system activity, and proxy logs.

2. Deploying packet filtering to detect inconsistencies

IPS’ must be performing detailed packet inspection to detect intrusions including application-layer and zero-day attacks.

3. Authenticating all IP addresses

IP address authentication is the method of identifying users requesting access to vendor databases. It uses an organization’s outward-facing IP addresses as a means to identify users coming from a subscribing institution and in turn authenticate access.

4. Using a network attack blocker

Network Attack Blocker scans inbound network traffic for an activity that is typical of network attacks.

5. Placing computing resources behind a firewall

A firewall is a software or firmware that prevents unauthorized access to a network. It inspects incoming and outgoing traffic using a set of rules to identify and block threats.


What prevents IP spoofing?

You should use a VPN to mask your IP address to help prevent IP spoofing. Then, utilize a firewall, which employs a packet filter that examines IP packet headers, to keep an eye out for unusual activities on your network. Visit only secure websites that employ the HTTPS protocol, and use strong passwords everywhere you can.

Can you prevent spoofing?

Yes, you can prevent IP spoofing. Savvy security tools can assist in the prevention of spoofing attacks. For instance, most phishing emails won’t make it to your inbox thanks to a spam filter. Similar software is used by several businesses and even some network providers to prevent spam calls from reaching consumers’ phones.

How would you know if someone is spoofing you?

It’s possible that your number has been spoofed if you receive calls from people claiming that your number appears on their caller ID. First, we advise you to ignore any calls from ominous numbers; nevertheless, if you do, please inform the caller that your phone number is a fake and that you did not make any calls.

What could be the best defense against the IP spoofing acts?

Use key exchange-based authentication on your network’s computers to greatly reduce the possibility of spoofing. An example of this would be IPsec. On your downstream interface, use an access control list to block private IP addresses.


The number of IP spoofing preventions are not limited to the above in this guide. You may explore a number of ways on how to avoid IP spoofing to protect your personal information, however the above are the most common preventions for IP spoofing.



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