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Full List of SHTS In Ghana & Categories 2022

Below is the list of Senior High Technical Schools ( SHTS ) in Ghana and their Categories presented as it is written.

Category A Senior High Technical Schools in Ghana

Below is a complete list of all Category A Senior High Technical Schools in Ghana, their location, and gender.

Category A Senior High Technical Schools

Koforidua Senior High/TechKoforiduaMixed
Ghana Senior High/TechTakoradiBoys

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Category B Senior High Technical Schools in Ghana

Below is a complete list of all Category B Senior High Technical Schools in Ghana, their location, and gender.

Category B Senior High Technical Schools

Ahafoman Senior High/TechGoasoMixed
Gyamfi Kumanini Senior High/TechWamahinsoMixed
Boakye Tromo Senior High/TechDuayaw NkwantaMixed
Akrofuom Senior High/TechAkrofuomMixed
Maabang Senior High/TechMaabangMixed
Mpasatia Senior High/TechMpasatiaMixed
St. Joseph Senior High/Tech, AhwirenAhwirenMixed
Bosome Senior High/Tech.AsiwaMixed
Sekyedumase Senior High/TechSekyedumaseMixed
Armed Forces Senior High/Tech, KumasiBantama-KumasiMixed
Kofiase Adventist Senior High/Tech.KofiaseMixed
Wamanafo Senior High/TechWamanafoMixed
Twene Amanfo Senior High/Tech.SunyaniMixed
Badu Senior High/Tech.Badu/WenchiMixed
Nkoranza Senior High/TechNkoranzaMixed
Tuobodom Senior High/TechTuobodomMixed
Ameyaw Akumfi Senior High/Tech.AworowaMixed
Nyakrom Senior High TechNyakromMixed
Twifo Hemang Senior High/TechHemanMixed
Kwabeng Anglican Senior High/TechKwabengMixed
St. Francis Senior High/Tech, Akim OdaAkim OdaMixed
Attafuah Senior High/TechAkim OdaMixed
Aperade Senior  High/Tech.Akim AperadeMixed
Kibi Senior High/TechKibiMixed
Kade Senior High/Tech.KadeMixed
St. Dominic’s Senior High/Tech, PepeasePepeaseMixed
St. Margaret Mary Snr.High/TechDansomanMixed
Baglo  Ridge Senior High/Tech.BagloMixed
Okadjakrom Senior High/Tech.OkadjakromMixed
Zebilla Senior High/TechZebillaMixed
Mafi-Kumasi Senior High/TechMafi-KumasiMixed
Abutia Senior High/TchnicalAbutiaMixed
Keta Senior High/TechKetaMixed
Tongor Senior High Tech.KpeveMixed
Esiama Senior High/TechEsiamaMixed
Daboase Senior High/TechDaboaseMixed
Bompeh Senior High./TechTakoradiMixed
Benso Senior High/TechBensoMixed
Bia Senior High/TechDebiso EssiamMixed
Sefwi-Wiawso Senior High/TechSefwi-WiawsoMixed

Category C Senior High Technical Schools in Ghana

Below is a complete list of all Category C Senior High Technical Schools in Ghana, their location, and gender.

Category C Senior High Technical Schools

Jacobu Senior High/Tech.JacobuMixed
Esaase Bontefufuo Snr. High/Tech.Esaase BontefufuoMixed
Ofoase Senior High/TechOfoaseMixed
Juaso Senior High/TechJuasoMixed
Atwima Kwanwoma Snr High/TechTredeMixed
Kwanwoma Senior High/TechAdum KwanwomaMixed
Nkawie Senior High/TechNkawieMixed
St. George’s Senior High Tech.KuntanaseMixed
Ejisu Senior High/TechEjisuMixed
Bonwire Senior High/TechBonwireMixed
Kumasi Senior High/TechPatasi-KumasiMixed
Kofi Adjei Senior High/TechBampenaseMixed
Gyaama Pensan Senior High/TechAboaso-AshantiMixed
Opoku Agyeman Senior High/TechApaahMixed
Obuasi Senior High/TechObuasiMixed
Namong Senior High/TechNamongMixed
Presby Senior High/Tech, KwamangKwamangMixed
Effiduase Senior High/TechEffiduaseMixed
Bodomase Senior High/TechBodomaseMixed
Sabronum Methodist Senior High/TechSabronum/HabitatMixed
Methodist Senior High/Tech.,BiadanBiadanMixed
Duadaso No. 1 Senior High/Tech.DuadasoMixed
Koase Senior High/TechKoase/WenchiMixed
Yeji Senior High/TechYejiMixed
Kwame Danso Senior High/TechKwame DansoMixed
Abakrampa Senior High/TechAbakrampaMixed
Mando Senior High/Tech.MandoMixed
Brakwa Senior High/TechBrakwaMixed
Obiri Yeboah Senior High/TechnicalAssin FosuMixed
Assin North Senior High/TechAssin AsempaneyeMixed
Obrachire Senior High/TechObrakyereMixed
Effutu Senior High/TechCape CoastMixed
Oguaa Senior High/TechCape CoastMixed
Gomoa Senior High/TechDawuramponMixed
Komenda Senior High/Tech.KomendaMixed
Mankessim Senior High/TechMankesimMixed
Dunkwa Senior High/TechDunkwa-on-OffinMixed
Ogyeedom Comm.Snr High/TechGomoa afransiMixed
Bontrase Senior High Tech. SchAwutu BontraseMixed
St. Fidelis Senior High/TechTeaseMixed
Mampong/Akw Snr. High/Tech for the DeafMampongMixed
Presby  Senior High/Tech, LartehLarteh-KubeaseMixed
Presby Senior High/Tech, AdukromAdukromMixed
Presby Senior High/Tech, AburiAburiMixed
Akokoaso Senior High/TechAkim AkokoasoMixed
Boso Senior High TechnicalBosoMixed
Adjena Senior High/Tech.AdjenaMixed
Kraboa-Coaltar Presby Snr. High/Tech.Kraboa-CoaltarMixed
Akroso Senior High/TechAkrosoMixed
St. Stephen’s Presby Snr. High/Tech, AsiakwaAsiakwaMixed
New Nsutam Senior High/TechNew NsutamMixed
Osino Presby Senior High/Tech.OsinoMixed
Akro Senior High/TechOdumaseMixed
Akuse Methodist Senior High/TechAkuseMixed
St. Thomas Senior High/TechAsamankeseMixed
Kaneshie Senior High/Tech.KaneshieMixed
Kinbu Senior High/TechTudu – AccraMixed
Ada Senior High/Tech.SegeMixed
Amasaman Senior High/TechAmasamanMixed
Osudoku Senior High/Tech.AsutsuareMixed
Tema Manhean Senior High/TechTema New TownMixed
Bunkpurugu Senior High/TechBunkupuruguMixed
Chereponi Senior High/Tech.ChereponiMixed
Janga Senior High/TechJangaMixed
Sakogu Senior High/TechSakoguMixed
Langbinsi Senior High/TechLangbinsiMixed
Vitting Senior High/Tech.TamaleMixed
Anbariya Senior High Sch.TamaleMixed
E. P. Agric Senior High/Tech.TataleMixed
Dagbon State Senior High/TechYendiMixed
Tapaman Senior High/TechTapa-AmanfromMixed
Dodi-Papase Senior High/TechDodi PapaseMixed
Oti Senior High/Tech SchDambaiMixed
Kete Krachi Senior High/Tech.Kete-KrachiMixed
Kpassa Senior High/TechKpassaMixed
St. Anthony of Padua Senior High/TechBamboiMixed
Tuna Senior High/Tech.TunaMixed
Ndewura Jakpa Senior High/Tech.DamongoMixed
Bawku Senior High/Tech.BawkuMixed
Zamse Senior High/TechBolgatangaMixed
Gowrie Senior High/Tech.GowrieMixed
Sandema Senior High/Tech.Bilinsa/SandemaMixed
Awe Senior High/Tech.NavrongoMixed
St. John’s Integrated Snr. High/TechTonoMixed
Tongo Senior High/TechTongoMixed
Azeem-Namoa Senior High/TechNamooMixed
Eremon Senior High/Tech.EremonMixed
Kaleo Senior High/TechKaleoMixed
St. Augustine Senior High/Tech, Saan CharikpongSaan, CharikpongMixed
Tumu Senior High/Tech.TumuMixed
Wa Senior High/Tech.WaMixed
Akatsi Senior High/TechAkatsiMixed
Atiavi Senior High/TechAtiaviMixed
Shia Senior HighTechnicalShiaMixed
Sokode Senior High/TechSokodeMixed
Tsito Senior High/TechTsitoMixed
Akome Senior High/Tech.AkomeMixed
Akpafu Senior High/Tech.AkpafuMixed
Afadjato Senior High/Tech.Gbledi-GbogameMixed
Alavanyo Senior High/Tech.Alavanyo-KpemeMixed
Afife Senior High Tech.AfifeMixed
Weta Senior High/Tech.WetaMixed
Klikor Senior High/Tech.KlikorMixed
Vakpo Senior High/TechVakpoMixed
Mepe St. Kizito Senior High/Tech.MepeMixed
Aveyime Battor Senior High/Tech.Aveyime-BattorMixed
Peki Senior High/TechnicalPekiMixed
Dabala Senior High/Tech.DabalaMixed
Asankrangwa Senior High/TechAsankragwaMixed
Baidoo Bonso Senior High/TechAgona NkwantaMixed
Prestea Senior High/TechPresteaMixed
Diabene Senior High/TechDiabeneMixed
Nana Brentu Senior High/TechEnchiMixed
Bibiani Senior High/Tech.BibianiMixed

Note: All Technical/ Vocational Institutions have been categorised into A, B and C, and added to SHS/SHTS



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