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Features of the Xbox Mini Fridge

The brand new Xbox Mini Fridge, with an MSRP of $99.99 (about $100) and boggling features, will be available for pre-order soon, according to Xbox.

In the US, Microsoft plans on selling it exclusively through Target.

All the features were specially designed by Xbox the suit the needs and demands of its fans, most of which are the gaming community.

Features of the Xbox Mini Fridge

The Xbox Mini Fridge has the following features:

  • Devices can be charged using the USB port.
  • A DC power adaptor to operate the small fridge when in use.
  • A tower that can hold up to ten beverage cans.
  • There are two shelves in the door that can be used to store snacks.
  • 6-foot, 400 pound, 1:1 scale replica of Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Mini Fridge is a scale model of the Xbox Series X console: Xbox Series X Replica Mini Fridge Thermoelectric Cooler.

More information about the brand new Xbox Fridge will be available on the launch of the Pre-Sale in October.

What is the purpose of this Xbox Series X small fridge?

It’s a little refrigerator that resembles the Xbox Series X. It has bright green lights on top, as well as the same curved texturing and button and port designs as the original console. When you open the fridge, you’ll find a typical Xbox green interior with enough room for 10 normal soda cans or 12 thinner energy drink-style cans, as well as two little shelves on the door to keep a candy bar or two.

The Xbox logo on the front lights white to match the console, and there are two little green plastic shelves that can be removed.





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