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Checking E-Zwich Account Balance Online [Facts]

Digital transactions have increased especially since 2019. E-Zwich is on of the most secure digital payment system however since it’s introduction users have had to journey to banks to load payments and check e-zwich balances.

Users can use their e-zwich card to make transactions throughout the country without needing to open a bank account with the corresponding bank. Additionally, companies can use their e-zwich cards to pay their employees’ salaries. NSS personnel receive salaries via e-zwich, yet checking e-zwich account balance is not so easy.

Currently, e-zwich account balance cannot be checked online however you can check e-zwich balance at any bank.

Why you can not check e-Zwich balance online

E-zwich was incorporated in May 2007 with the mission of developing and managing interoperable payment system infrastructures for Ghana’s banks and non-bank financial companies. It was introduced in Ghana as one of the secure online digital payments. After the introduction of e-zwich in Ghana, the system and registration was a bit tedious. Adding online services would have crippled the security of the e-zwich system.

Despite this fact, it is still not explainable why online services have not been introduced since 2007 till now. You can still check your e-zwich balance using the steps below.

How to Check the Balance of Your e-Zwich Account Balance

Below are the steps to check e-zwich Account Balance online.

1. With a valid national ID document, go to any of the e-zwich recognized banks in the country.

2. Ask about your e-zwich balance.

3. The e-zwich teller will for your biometric to validate that you are the rightful owner of the e-zwich card.

4. A receipt showing your balance will be printed and shown to you.


Is it possible to link your e-zwich account to your bank account?

Yes, it’s conceivable. You just need to go to your bank and ask any of the tellers to link it to your account. Alternatively, if your bank offers internet banking, you may log in and link your e-zwich to your bank account.

Is it possible to change my e-zwich card?

Yes. You will be issued a new e-zwich card if you misplace or lose your current one. But first, your banking institution will do a biometric check, and if all of your data match those on file, your replacement card will be sent to you.

What steps do I need to take to become an e-zwich agent?

You’ll need various paperwork before you can become an e-zwich agent, such as a legitimate company registration certificate, a valid national picture ID, and so on. In addition, depending on the sort of agent you wish to be, there are additional logistical considerations. If you have all of these papers, you may request an agent application form from your financial institution.


No developments have been aired so far on how to check e-zwich balance online, however, e-zwich is undoubtedly one of the better payment options available to Ghanaians right now. This is because, unlike other payment methods such as debit and credit cards, which need you to have an account with a bank before being granted a card, an e-zwich card may be obtained from a number of institutions without the need to open an account with them.

You must check the balance on your e-zwich card before making a purchase. Alternatively, you must verify at the end of each month to see if your company has delivered your salary. This procedure has been thoroughly outlined in this post, and if you follow it, you will be able to check the balance of your e-zwich account.




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