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8 Best Text Editor For Productive Work

The best text editor offers a straightforward approach to coding without allowing formatting concerns to ruin your work. It can be challenging to find the best text editor for efficient work, especially if you are new to programming.

The best text editors should be user-friendly and clear. Whether you are programming on a Windows PC, Mac, or Linux computer, a text editor should be easy to use and carry out the task as intended.

So let’s quickly go over what a text editor is and what features they share in order to save time. If you are already familiar with text editors and merely want to learn which one is ideal for you, you can skip this section. Now let’s get going!

What is a text editor?

A text editor is a software that allows you to edit plain text. A text editor usually displays an “empty” screen with fixed-line length and visible line numbers.

What do the best text editors have in common?

Most text editors share the following five characteristics:

  1. The best text editors are fast. Find alternative applications if your program is slowing you down.
  2. Extension assistance is critical.
  3. Domain support. Although any developer can get into trouble at some point, general or domain-specific issues can be involved and addressed separately.
  4. The length of the learning curve is an additional factor. Take into account a learning curve with a quicker learning curve.
  5. The final thing to think about is ergonomics (the flexibility of the editor). You should find it simpler to complete your work. You’ll perform better if the program is enjoyable to use.

Best Text Editor For Productive Work

Sublime Text

image 27

Sublime Text is a multi-platform source code editor that gives you a free trial for quite a good time. It supports various types of programming and markup languages. Users can extend its functionality with plugins, which are typically created and maintained by the community under free software licenses. Sublime Text comes with a Python API to help with plugin development.

It provides a trial version for free, but all regular customers must pay $99 to keep it running. Since the licenses are per-user rather than per machine, you can use Sublime Text across as many computers and operating systems as you choose with your license, even though $99 might seem pricey for a text editor.


image 28

If a specific package is missing from the list of ones provided by Atom, you can add it by altering the CSS on the back end. All of your projects can be shared and edited in real time, which is helpful for teams that are spread out or just want a more devoted workspace.

Atom is totally a free text editor compared to Sublime text however its installation can take up space sometimes.


image 29

The best IDE for beginners who want to challenge themselves is Notepad++, although learning an IDE can take some time. If you are just starting out as a programmer, you already have plenty to learn without having to figure out how to use a new, complicated piece of software before you can even start.

Visual Studio Code

image 30

Visual Studio Code, also known as VS Code, is a source-code editor developed by Microsoft using the Electron Framework for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

We would recommend this to Python developers as the best IDE for your productivity. Similar to Atom and Sublime Text, it offers a variety of packages and free extensions that can be acquired from its marketplace to add more features, and the code editor itself may be altered.

Coffee Cup- The HTML Editor

image 31

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a text editor for HTML. It is one of the most powerful and robust text editors for coding and overall site design management available.

The editor offers a free trial, but a one-time payment of $29 is required. A free version is also available, though its functionality is limited.


image 32

Textmate is free to download however you can choose to upgrade to a premium version at $59. You should also keep in mind that this payment only includes one license, so you will need to pay for multiple seats if you have a large team that requires the text editor.

TextMate has tools for Xcode projects and supports any programming language.


image 33

One of the most well-known text editors, Vim, was created in 1991. Vim’s compatibility with Windows, Linux, and Mac allows it to link with a broad variety of programs. It is designed for both GUI and command-line use.

The key features of Vim include a robust plugin system, support for a number of programming languages and file types, find and change, and tool integration. Vim is also totally free.


image 35

Espresso is a beautiful modern text editor with a lot of flexibility. The text editor is for Mac only and for users who prefer building innovative and fast websites this text editor is the best option.

Espresso comes with sophisticated text features, CSSEdit tools, live preview with browser Xray, an auto-build, and a server sync. With $99 you are good to go.


What is an IDE?

A piece of software called an integrated development environment (IDE) helps programmers write software code effectively. Merging tasks like software editing, developing, testing, and packaging in a user-friendly package boosts developer productivity.

Is Jupyter a text editor?

You might be asking why Jupyter was used as a text editor in the featured image. This was done to highlight the fact that Jupyter Notebook is neither a basic text editor nor a fully functional IDE. Jupyter notebooks give problem solvers an efficient and quick way to prototype and share code.

Which is the best text editor?

For starters, going in for simple text editors like Sublime text would be a good option but if you are a professional seeking to exploit more resources then Notepad++ is the most advanced text editor for you.



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