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5 Highest Cyber Security Salary and Job Outlook

The cybersecurity professions are fascinating. The fast-paced field is perfect for anyone who enjoys a challenge and the thrill of problem-solving. According to data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statics (BLS), the demand for cybersecurity jobs such as information security analysts will increase by as much as 31% over the next ten years.

Due to this trend, cybersecurity careers are growing. Businesses need cybersecurity professionals who can protect their financial information and intellectual property, fight online fraud, and create hack-proof customer records, among other businesses. Many are willing to pay top salaries for experienced cybersecurity professionals.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers write and test the code that allows computer applications and software to function properly. Many cybersecurity jobs don’t require programming, but if you know how to code, it’s a strength you can bring to any cybersecurity role. Source code reviewers, for example, scan the source code line by line for vulnerabilities. You will need to know the programming language used by your business, whether it is C, C ++, Java, or other languages. BLS data shows the average annual salary for a computer programmer in any field is $89,190.

The employment of computer programmers is projected to decline 10 percent from 2020 to 2030. Despite declining employment, about 9,700 openings for computer programmers are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

Cybersecurity Engineer

The Cybersecurity Engineer position also nets one of the highest salaries in the security industry. Cybersecurity engineers identify threats and vulnerabilities in systems and software, then apply their skills to developing and implementing high-tech solutions to defend against hacking, malware and ransomware, insider threats, and all types of cybercrime.  The average annual salary for a cybersecurity engineer is in the $120,000 to $133,000 range, according to the employment website ZipRecruiter. 

Cybersecurity Analyst

These security professionals help create, plan, and carry out security measures to keep your infrastructure secure. The analyst’s primary role is to understand company IT infrastructure in detail, monitor it at all times, and evaluate threats that could potentially breach the network. The cybersecurity analyst continuously looks for ways to enhance company network security and protect its sensitive information. The average cybersecurity salary for this position falls between $90,000 and $160,000, and they are worth every penny.

Penetration Tester 

Penetration testers, also known as pen testers, help organizations identify and resolve security vulnerabilities affecting their digital assets and computer networks. Penetration Testers also complete various in-depth tests on web applications to identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals. Pen Testers or Ethical Hackers, on average, make between $80,000 to $130,000.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) includes penetration testing in the job duties information security analysts perform. The agency projects a 33% increase in demand for information security analysts from 2020 and 2030.

Network Security Engineer

Rounding out this list of the highest-paid cybersecurity jobs, the average salary for the Network Security Engineer role now ranges between $120,000 and $185,000 per year, with typical salaries around $150,000. Much like the Cybersecurity Engineer position, this is a multifaceted position; tasked with maintaining your LAN, WAN, and server architecture while also maintaining and monitoring virtual networks, firewalls, email security and web protocols, security, and programs.

How to Boost Your Cybersecurity Salary

A bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science is often a requirement (but not always), and a master’s degree in cybersecurity can boost a job applicant’s appeal factor. Ethical hacking certifications can also boost your salary as almost all employers require applicants with certifications. Familiarizing yourself with the most in-demand and top-paying ethical hacking certifications will set your cyber security career to the next level.



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