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10 Most Secure Websites To Go For Game Cheat Codes

Video game cheat codes are not the best way to win a game, but why not give them a shot? Do you ever wonder if a game you’re playing or want to play contains cheat codes, mods, or even hacks?

These hacks and mods can change the game’s course and increase the fun level. Practically, mods and hacks are not the best way to complete a difficult game, but they will enhance your gaming experience with brand-new features.

There are some secure websites you can always go to for game cheat codes. Pcbossu has compiled a list of game cheat codes websites. Let us take a look at some 10 most secure websites to go for game cheat codes.

10 Game Cheat Codes Websites

1. MegaGames

image 11

MegaGames is indeed a huge gaming resource that covers almost every platform, including PC, XBOX, PS, Wii U, mobile games, and even emulators.

This site’s content consists of cheats, trainers, demos, patches, mods, emulators, fixes, and so on. The site includes over 9000 different games. The primary focus of the hardcore gaming resource is on PC and console games.

2. CheatCodes

image 12 is among the most well-known game cheat code websites. Since 1996, the site has been cataloging them all, so the breadth and depth are quite impressive. The site is neatly divided by gaming platforms, ranging from PC games to Nintendo 3DS.

3. GamePressure

image 13

This website supports platforms such as PC, PS4, PS3, XONE, X360, Switch, iOS, and others. Action, RPG, MMO, Strategy, Adventure, Sports, Fighting, Arcade, Racing, Simulation, and other game genres are available.

This website has a good selection of games as well as their gameplay with mods and game hacks.

4. Games Radar

image 14

Games Radar is mainly a game review and news website with a variety of resources such as playing guides, purchasing advice, walkthroughs, and, of course, a section for game cheats. You can sort them alphabetically or by platform.

5. CheatHappens

image 15

Cheathappens is a website for gamers, or more accurately, noobs, that features a massive collection of game trainers, cheats, game wallpapers, walkthroughs, reviews, and much more.
Premium members have first dibs on some of the in-house developed game cheats and trainers, which are later released to the public.

6. Gamecopyworld

image 16

The patches are often made by fathe n base and are not official, but they are really good in terms of concept and storylines.

Fixes are always required, and this website has risen to the occasion to assist our fellow gamers.

7. GameWinners

image 17

On the Gamewinners website, FAQs, strategy guides, and CodeBreaker, GameShark, and Action Replay codes are also available in the cheats, codes, and hints library. The site is very simple and utilitarian, but the information appears to be quite extensive at first glance.

8. Chapter Cheats

image 18

All of your gaming-related questions can be answered in the extensive Q&A section. You can read about unlockables and other game-related options on each game’s page on Chaptercheats.

9. Super Cheats

image 19

Super Cheats has a massive cheat code collection for Playstation 2, PS3, XBox, Xbox 360 Playstation, Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy and PC systems. Finding the content is simple thanks to the site’s organization by platform (from PS3 to SNES). The “Most Popular” and “Latest” lists are other options.


image 20 may be regarded as the undisputed leader in Xbox cheats. There are cheats and guides for other platforms, but it dominates the Xbox domain. If you’re an Xbox player, this cheat codes website is an absolute must-see. There is also a lot of game news and a chance to win giveaways.


Be cautious of cheating in online and steaming games. Your account will be banned if you violate their policies. The hacking community is not liable for your actions or the hacks you employ. Games like Pubg and Fortnite despise hackers and cheaters; your account will be permanently banned if you use hacks in online games. In any way, shape, or form, we do not encourage hacking.



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